Year In Review :: 2018 Goal Recap

2018 Year in Review

As the clock winds down on 2018, it is a natural moment to take pause and look back at the year that was before we set our sights on 2019 and the year to come.

This past year certainly brought about a great deal of change, some of which was forced upon me and some of which was self-initiated. The two biggest changes would have to be changing jobs after being with my prior employer for approximately 17 years (the former) and starting a dividend portfolio (the latter) as part of my investment strategy.

With the move to dividend investing, I also started sharing my journey here and have had the opportunity to virtually meet so many amazing people. I cannot thank you all enough for engaging with me here or on Twitter.

When starting this journey, I defined six goals but I am going to start with one that isn’t on my goals page:

$5,000 $5,500 in Projected Annual Dividend Income

You may recall that I achieved my initial goal of $5,000 in PADI at the end of October, and rather than easing off the gas pedal for the remainder of the year, I reset the bar higher.

I revised my goal to $5,500 in projected annual dividend income.

The recent moves that I have made to redeploy capital have certainly helped, but adding to positions in companies like BlackRock and Altria are what really moved the needle.

2018 Projected Annual Dividend Income Goal

As you can see above, not only have I achieved my revised goal of $5,500 in projected annual dividend income but I smashed right through and will end the year with $5,708.06 in PADI!

Produce $2,500 in annual dividend income

2018 Dividends Received

As part of my dividend income reports, I have been sharing my progress towards this goal on a monthly basis.

In the November report, I was still shy of this goal by nearly $200 but I was confident that I would reach the goal based on the forecast of dividends to be received in December.

Given that I did not start my DGI portfolio until the end of May this year, I am extremely happy to have achieved this goal and am grateful that I had the opportunity to kick-start my portfolio with a nice lump sum that I had received due to some of the changes I mentioned earlier.

With the purchases that I made in December, I surpassed this goal by more than I had anticipated and will finish the year having received $2,815.49 in dividends!

Build portfolio where YOC is > 3.5%

Out of all my goals, this one feels the most arbitrary as I did not have a sound process of deciding on a target of 3.5% for my yield on cost but as shown below I have exceeded this target as well.

2018 Yield on Cost Goal

Lately I have read a number of articles or comments via social media that question the value of measuring yield on cost, as some believe it to be irrelevant and may even cause investors to hold onto losing investments that have changed fundamentally.

However you may feel about this metric, I am happy to share that I will close the year with a 4.47% YOC!

Establish REIT coverage in portfolio that produces $500 in forward dividend income

When faced with the decision on what to do with an old employer pension, I decided to do a rollover to an IRA and build my own mini-REIT ETF.

Through that process, I was able to receive over $300 in actual dividends received this year and as we close out 2018 my REIT coverage is currently forecast to produce $1,178 in projected annual dividend income!

Create a blog to chronicle my DGI journey and publish at least 1-2x per week

2018 Blog Goals

As mentioned earlier, I started this blog at the end of May and in approximately 7 months of existence I have published 54 posts (as the number shown to the right did not include this post).

While I am happy to achieve this goal, I am more excited about another number shown here–and that is 699 comments.

As much as I want this blog to chronicle my journey that I, or my kids, can look back at later, what I truly value is the dialog and sense of community that comes with interacting with all of you in the comments. Thank you all for chiming in and being engaged!

Satisfy the criteria to join The DIV-Net

Before starting my own dividend portfolio, I was doing quite a bit of due diligence on the strategy and reading a number of blogs. There were quite a few blogs that I found via the links shared over at The DIV-Net, and therefore once I decided to start my own blog it was natural to want it to be included as a resource there.

As you can see by the badge over on the right sidebar, I was able to successfully satisfy the criteria required and I have officially joined The DIV-Net!

Support and participate in the DGI Community

Last but not least, and certainly one of my favorite goals, was to support and participate in the DGI community. I like this goal because it takes a step away from my own blog or social media accounts, and instead is about doing what I can to help others.

One of my favorite ways to do that is to visit other blogs and comment on posts.

As an interesting aside for those that may be looking to make money from blogging, I received my first paying blog opportunity by being someone that left helpful and thoughtful comments on a prominent blog. The owner contacted me as a direct result of seeing all of my comments.

This is a goal that can always be improved upon as well, as it is primarily limited only by available time.

However, I do my best to engage with people on Twitter rather than just use it as a platform to promote my own material (I do that too, but try to have balance). Whether I can lend a hand by helping to answer a question or offering words of encouragement, I don’t want social media to be a vacuum of my own words.

If I haven’t stopped by your blog recently to comment, I apologize and encourage you to call me out (publicly or privately). My memory is not what it was in my younger days, and unless I receive an email about a new post, sometimes I forget to stop by and check.

Summary of Year

Looking back at these goals and considering each one to have been a success, I am both happy and a little disappointed.

The disappointment stems from the fact that I really like to challenge myself with goals that are difficult to achieve. I want my goals to push me beyond my comfort zone and I am okay with failing to achieve a goal.

For the year to come, I may need to push myself a little harder with more stretch goals.

However, until then, I would like to close this out by thanking you all again for taking the time out of your day to read what I share here, engaging in the comments, and doing what you do to help others learn and grow. While I would continue to do this if I did not have a single reader, having the opportunity to interact with you makes it so much more fun!

Wishing all a healthy, safe, and prosperous year ahead.

Happy New Year!

22 thoughts on “Year In Review :: 2018 Goal Recap”

  1. nice dd

    congrats on a very successful first year. You have been killing it this year in all regards. As you mentioned the community is huge and i appreciate all you have done in it as well.

    keep it up
    cheers to 2019!

    1. Thanks PCI, it has definitely been an exciting year and I am looking forward to having a full 12 months under my belt in 2019! It will be fun to see what kind of records get smashed by the DGI community in the coming year.

      All the best to you as well!

  2. Solid year, DivvyDad! I’ll be publishing my review of 2018 goals in a few weeks and looking ahead to 2019. There’s just so much to cover with my recent purchases and dividend income summary for December. Looking forward to hearing from you in regards to your 2019 goals. Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year to you as well Kody!

      I hear you, for some reason it is like the faucet of ideas has been put on full blast as I keep thinking of things I want to write about. My goals are coming next and then I need to pull together my income report.

      Look forward to your goal review and what the new year will hold!

    1. Thanks Frankie, appreciate that!

      I’m not greedy, I hope we all find plenty of dividends in the new year and continue to smash records! Happy New Year!

  3. It looks like it was a great year DivvyDad! Congrats on achieving all of your goals and it will be interesting to see what you have planned for 2019. I am happy to have found you in the DGI community, you’re a great inspiration!
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks BI, and I truly appreciate your kind words. I think we all have so much to learn from one another and it has been a breath of fresh air to see how the DGI community is so inviting and helpful.

      Happy New Year to you as well!

    1. Thanks MDD!

      I may have to adopt your tiered approach to goals, but we will see how I do with the goals I have set for 2019!

    1. Thanks, and all the best to you in 2019 too!

      It is a little hard to believe that it was 7 months, as it still feels like just yesterday that I was opening a new account at Fidelity and deciding on a domain name for this site. Time keeps on ticking…

  4. This looks like a very successful year 2018. Congrats on achieving your goals! I like how you track the progress and enjoy visiting this site. Keep up the good work and all the best for 2019!

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