Tracking Annual Forward Dividend Income

Tracking Forward Dividend Income

Imagine the odd looks and blank stares that I receive when answering people about my hobbies with the following one-word reply… Spreadsheets. I’ll admit that I am a bit of a spreadsheet nut, and despite great tools such as and Personal Capital, I continue to track our family finances with spreadsheets. We have spreadsheets …

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Changing a Piece of the Puzzle

Puzzle Pieces

In the most recent dividend income report, I mentioned that I had adjusted my automated deposit that was originally setup to purchase the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSAX) to now be directed towards additional purchases of the Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF (VYM). The impetus for this change was primarily because my overall …

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Dividend Income Report :: July 2018

The Divvy Dad Portfolio (DDP) surpassed the $1,000 dividend milestone in June when accounting for dividends from my index funds as well as DGI stocks, with slightly over $200 in dividend income from my dedicated DGI investments. Unfortunately, July cannot hold a candle to those results from June as it is one of my quieter …

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Recent Buy :: Starbucks, AFLAC, and Johnson & Johnson

July Stock Purchases

Three are three legs to the DGI tripod: Dividend Increases Reinvesting Dividends New Capital Investments Today I would like to focus on the third leg of the tripod–new capital investments. I recently made a few purchases and added approximately $3,400 of new capital to my DGI portfolio. Overall, I am really pleased with the construction …

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Don’t Be Afraid To Change Course

Afraid of Change

Change is a dirty word for many people. Just the thought of change can leave you with a queasy feeling in your stomach and increased stress, and unfortunately this results in the avoidance of change. Many people–myself included–are creatures of habit and would rather stay with what we know. Stay where we are comfortable. There …

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