Blogs Worth Reading

One of my favorite past-times is reading and my go-to genre tends to be non-fiction as I am big believer in the importance of never letting go of the drive to continue learning (not that there aren’t lessons to be learned in fiction books, but my personal preference leans towards non-fiction).

Naturally, given the focus of this blog, it is little surprise that one of my favorite topics to read about is centered on personal finances.

This includes getting out of debt (which we fortunately did shortly after graduating college, investing in the stock market with index funds and dividend growth stocks, pursuing financial independence, and much more.

As much as I love the local library and picking up a book, there is also a wealth of information to be learned from fellow bloggers that put their own personal touch on personal finances. The personal finance blogging community is one that tends to be extremely helpful and willing to lend a hand by sharing their wisdom with others.

Therefore, the collection of blogs shared here are resources that I have found to consistently produce quality content on a variety of personal finance topics and also happen to be authored by some down right great people too!

Personal Finance Blogs

Be sure to bookmark this page as this will be a living list of great blogs, and please take a moment to visit as many as you can to further your own education and entertainment–yes, I find personal finances to be entertaining.

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Hope you enjoy all of these great sites as much as I do!