Net Worth and Safe Withdrawal Rate Projection Spreadsheet

Psychic Vision

This past weekend I was browsing through my spreadsheet archives and came across an old spreadsheet that I created back in 2006. While the name of the spreadsheet — SWR.xls — gave me a hint at what I would find within, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since I had not touched this spreadsheet …

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Fun With Charts :: Shares Required vs. Shares Owned

Fun with Charts - Spreadsheet Charts

After sharing my love for spreadsheets when forecasting projected annual dividend income, it should come as no surprise that I have recently been tinkering with my dividend portfolio spreadsheet. While doing so, I was reminded of Sheldon Cooper’s “Fun With Flags” scenes on Big Bang Theory and therefore I bring you… Fun With Charts. Did …

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Dividend Portfolio :: Payback Percentage

Tracking Payback Percentage

It should hopefully come as no surprise at this point that I love spreadsheets, as I have recently made adjustments to my dividend spreadsheet to track monthly stock performance and annual forward dividend income. As I read blogs across the DGI community, I always keep an eye out for how people track their portfolios and …

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Tracking Monthly Stock Performance

Tracking Monthly Stock Performance

Is tinkering with spreadsheets considered a hobby? If it isn’t, it really should be. When I updated my dividend portfolio spreadsheet to track annual forward dividend income, I talked a little bit about my love of spreadsheets and noted that I would continue to tinker with how I was tracking different metrics. Identifying a Gap …

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Tracking Annual Forward Dividend Income

Tracking Forward Dividend Income

Imagine the odd looks and blank stares that I receive when answering people about my hobbies with the following one-word reply… Spreadsheets. I’ll admit that I am a bit of a spreadsheet nut, and despite great tools such as Mint.com and Personal Capital, I continue to track our family finances with spreadsheets. We have spreadsheets …

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