Welcome to DivvyDad, and let me say that I am honored that you’ve taken the time to investigate this page to learn more about me and my goals for this site.

Why Divvy Dad?

Before we get into more of a personal background, let me start by explaining a little bit about how this site came about and why the name of Divvy Dad (other than the obvious that I am a dad).

For many years I have had a goal to FIRE–Financially Independent, Retired Early for those not familiar–and the primary focus of my strategy has been to consistently stash money into index funds. When I first set course for this path, I set myself a goal to be retired by the age of 52.

Lately, I have been giving thought to those early years of retirement and how I will begin to draw down my funds to cover our living expenses. There are many caveats that one has to account for when you are talking about primarily tax-advantaged accounts. In that process, I realized that my current taxable investments were lackluster and not doing a whole lot for me. At about this same time, I began reading a few blogs focused on dividend investing and the desire to begin building a dividend-based portfolio was born.

Despite getting a late start, my goal is to at least supplement the draw down in our early retirement years with dividend payments. Until then, we will continue to reinvest the dividends and add additional capital to grow this portfolio.

As I continued to read blogs and plan my portfolio, I kept finding myself circling back to the idea of starting my own blog to chronicle my journey in building a dividend-based portfolio. Many moons ago I used to own and operate a handful of blogs, but over time I shuttered them all as they were taking away from my work and my family time. Which brings me to…

Who is Divvy Dad?

As noted earlier, and the domain name gives away, I am a dad of two great boys and married to a remarkable woman. We are a typical family and probably aren’t too different from you.

On a personal level, I am in my early 40’s and have been married for nearly 20 years. To provide for my family, I have been working in the technology industry since college and have had many different roles along the way. One of my favorite past-times is continuing to learn about personal finances and investing, and thus this blog will help fulfill that hobby.

When not in front of a computer for work or focusing on my finances, I enjoy hiking and photography (although for some reason find that I always seem to take better pictures with my phone than with my DSLR). Something that I don’t know anything about, but enjoy learning and it gives me something to do with my boys, is to work on cars. At one time I had an old classic car that we would tinker with, however that has since been sold and now we tend to work on their cars (yikes, having two driving age sons makes me feel old).

Goals for Divvy Dad

Divvy Dad was created to be my own personal account of starting a dividend growth portfolio from scratch and a record of decisions that I made that I can look back on to see where I made mistakes and where my decisions were sound.

As I am not a professional–see disclosure below–this is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as advice to invest in any particular stock or with any particular strategy. In an effort to be entirely transparent, I will be sharing details on the Divvy Dad Portfolio (DDP) including the rationale that I used to start my portfolio.

Ultimately, I hope that this site helps introduce me to more like-minded people that are interested in dividend growth investing as well as the pursuit of FIRE. Learning can be enhanced by hearing feedback from different perspectives, therefore don’t be shy and please jump in to share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!