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When I first started blogging many years ago, I did so out of the passion that I had for the topic and thought it would be a good outlet to write about an area of interest.

Slowly that morphed into operating over a dozen blogs–each with their own unique content and social media presence that included dedicated Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and Instagram feeds.

As you might imagine, what started as a fun hobby quickly became more like work.

After stepping away from all of it for a number of years, I decided to re-enter the fray when I launched this blog.

Initially I did not plan to create any social media accounts, as today I only have my personal accounts which are used quite sparingly. However, that plan has changed a bit as I decided to create a Twitter account to keep current on happenings with the dividend stocks that I am holding and connect with more members of the DGI community.

Which brings me to my request…

If you’re on Twitter and talk about dividends (or even if you don’t but would like to connect), drop your @ in the comments so I can add you to my followers.

You can follow me as well if you’d like.

I’ll most likely tweet about my holdings, relevant news articles, and other dividend related topics. Feel free to share any “must follows” as well, as I hope to use Twitter to help contribute to the overall DGI community.

4 thoughts on “Talking Dividends on Twitter”

  1. Hey DD. I just followed on twitter and happy to do so. But you gotta be kidding me. You have operated a dozen blogs in the past? One is a handful for a middle age goof like me.
    I started reading dividend blogs back in (let me thing now) 2005ish time frame shortly after I decided to pursue DGI. So I wonder if I have read any of your past blogs? Very interesting. Tom

    1. It was craziness, and began to take a toll on me as I was doing all of that in addition to a standard full-time job. When I realized it was negatively impacting my time with my family I decided to step away from all of it.

      Those early blogs were on many different topics, however none of them were on DGI as this is new territory for me.

      Thanks for the follow as well!

    1. Thanks Lanny!

      One of the things that I have really enjoyed about the DGI community is how welcoming everyone has been, as not all niches are like that and some tend to be opposed to new people entering the space. Having 4 years under your belt is outstanding, and I will share that your blog is one of the handful that I was pouring over as I was making my decision to enter the DGI space as an investor.

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